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East End Babylon

East End Babylon - The critically acclaimed rock documentary about punk legends the Cockney Rejects has it's own website. Check it out here:

Custom House Music International publish the bands last 2 albums



Canning Town teenagers Cockney Rejects signed to EMI in 1979. A year later, their cover of West Ham FC's terrace song 'I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles' went Top 40, leading to horrific gig violence and the unwanted patronage of right- wing skinheads. Produced and directed by Richard England (of the Dr Feelgood doc 'Oil City Confidential' fame), this is a shocking but very funny tale vividly brought to life, especially by motor-mouthed singer Jeff "Stinky Turner" Geggus. He suggests that had he not been in the band "I'd have stuck a stocking over me head and walked into a NatWest". Inevitably, it all went wrong in the early 80's, with Jeff's brother and Rejects guitarist Mick facing GBH charges following one particularly chaotic gig in Birmingham. When scores of later US punk groups started dropping their name, the Rejects came back to life in 1999. A happy ending of sorts then; albeit with a lot of bloodshed along the way.

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